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Ridgeline VentRidgeline Vent

Under some conditions, ridge roof ventilation has significant advantages over other types of ventilation. Extracting from the highest point in the roof can increase the efficiency of air-flow. This is particularly important for 'passive stack' ventilation systems for 'wet rooms', kitchens and bathrooms.
Ridgeline Vent on refurbishment
Ridgeline vent on refurbishment
Ridgeline roof vent is available to match all popular ridge tiles, and can be made to match obsolete tiles. They replace a normal ridge tile, and are virtually indistinguishable from standard ridge tiles. The large ventilation capacity 12,500mm² is suitable as an outlet terminal for most passive ventilation systems, (shorter ridge tiles eg 300mm long have a lower ventilation area), conforming to BS5572:1994 "Code of Practice for Sanitary Pipe work" and BS5925:1991 (1995) "Code of Practice for Ventilation Principles and Designing for Natural Ventilation".
Ridgeline roof vents are supported by all the colour and texture matching services available for other Harcon ventilation products.
Harcon ridgeline roof vent is particularly suitable for heritage and conservation projects, where there is a reluctance to interfere with historic sweeps of tile.

Working from any tile sample the finish can be colour and texture matched exactly – new or weathered. The Harcon roof ventilation range uses a UV resistant, hard wearing, acrylic finish that is highly weather resistant ensuring colour stability for the life of the product.
TV3N Ridgeline Roof Vent
The Harcon Ridge roof ventilator is designed to offer discreet ventilation at the ridge.

The unique design means that in most cases it can be installed without cutting any existing ridge board.
TV3N Ridgeline Roof Vent
TV3 1N Ridgeline Roof Vent with extension sleeve
The TV3 1N is a standard ridge roof vent with a factory fitted rectangular extension sleeve that maintains a clear path through the felt, no other felt sleeve is needed.

Extension felt sleeves are available separately for retro fitting on site:
WES wide extension sleeve for standard ridge roof vents
NES narrow extension sleeve for short (<400mm) ridge roof vents
TV3 1N Ridgeline Roof Vent With extension sleeve
TV3SN Ridge Roof Vent with Pipe Adaptor
The TV3SN is a standard Harcon ridge with a factory fitted rectangular extension sleeve plus a pipe adaptor. This provides a 110mm or 125mm outlet, for connection to soil pipe or extractor pipes.

Pipe adaptors (and extension sleeves) are available separately for retro fitting on site:
WSA 110 - 110mm outlet for standard ridge roof vents (WES extension sleeve).
WSA12 - 125mm outlet for standard ridge roof vents (WES extension sleeve).
NSA 110 - 110mm outlet for short ridge roof vents (<400mm, NES extension sleeve).
TV3SN Ridge Roof Vent with pipe adaptor
CT1C Flexitube
The Harcon flexitube is a high quality, durable product. It connects pipe terminals to 100mm dia. soil or extractor pipes; pressure tested in accordance with BS5250. Supplied compresssed and netted with fixing clips.
CT1C Flexitube
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