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Rafter TraysRafter Trays

RT66/ RT132 Continuous Rafter Tray
The Harcon continuous rafter tray has recently been redesigned in line with roofers’ requests. Typical roll formed rafter trays easily flatten and stretch, reducing the ventilation path. The Harcon continuous rafter tray uniquely solves this problem by incorporating structural profiling which dramatically improves rigidity, so a full 25mm air path is guaranteed down the line of the roof.

As insulation becomes ever thicker, it is increasingly difficult to maintain a clear path to the eaves and locate the tray in the right place. Roof insulation can either slide below the tray and block ventilation, or push against the upper end causing blockage. Use of narrow rafter trays which do not prevent this should be avoided.

The width of the RT66 rafter tray has been increased to 400mm, significantly wider than most roll formed rafter trays, and the RT132 rafter tray has also been introduced with a width of 800mm. These rafter trays will cover 200mm of insulation at a minimum pitch of 300 (RT66) or 150 (RT132) and will provide increased tolerance of rafter tray positioning at steeper pitches or with thinner insulation: see diagram on the right.

Note: As the thickness of insulation increases to comply with recent regulation changes particular attention should be paid to this area of the roof.
RT66 / RT132 continuous Rafter Tray
RT Standard Rafter Tray
Available to fit three rafter spacings. Two versions give either 10mm or 25mm continuous ventilation, depending on requirements of Building Regulations. They fit over the rafters above the wall plate and can be nailed or stapled to the rafters. RT Standard Rafter Tray
RF Flyscreen Rafter Tray
Designed to act as a combined eaves roof ventilator, insect screen and rafter tray for open eaves situations. It features an integral insect grill and maintains over 10mm of continuous ventilation while ensuring a 25mm gap between the insulation and the underfelt. It is available to fit 3 rafter spacings.
RF Flyscreen Rafter Tray
RR Refurbishment Rafter Tray
Designed to allow easy retro fitting, the tray is pushed into place from inside the void. Insulation is then installed. It provides 25mm of continuous ventilation.
RR Refurbishment Rafter Tray
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